Follow the young, aristocratic Lord Roland of Champagne as the youth is outcast and disowned from his noble family because of his less-than-virtuous and often unholy conduct. This time, Roland has gone too far and taken liberties with Lady Joan of Metz, the daughter of none other than the powerful Marshal of France and one of France's greatest warriors who now demands satisfaction.

About WR Chagnon

The Chagnon brother-and-sister team are self-admitted Francophiles, with a family history going back to Clovis' court. It is possible that one of their very distant relatives brought Christianity to Clovis' court. It seemed so natural with this pedigree that Chip, the soldier, historian, and world traveler would team up with Judith, the professionally trained journalist and experienced writer, to pen a novel based in French and Templar history.

Excerpt from the Book

“Gilbert, pass me Father’s cloak and sword belt, please. Robert, help Father stand, if you will,” Edward said, directing his two brothers. They had to move—someone had to finally move.

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