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About the Book

Follow the young, aristocratic Lord Roland of Champagne as the youth is outcast and disowned from his noble family because of his less-than-virtuous and often unholy conduct.

This time, Roland has gone too far and taken liberties with Lady Joan of Metz, the daughter of none other than the powerful Marshal of France and one of France's greatest warriors who now demands satisfaction.

The unrepentant Roland is forcibly taken by two Templar warrior-monks on orders from the Templar Grand Master, who dictates that the boy's penance is to serve as a lowly squire to the Templar Order, adhering to the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience from that moment on.

Young Squire Roland's many tribulations are eased by an unlikely cast of characters: his fellow squire, the bold Aaron, an imaginative and street-smart young thief from Paris who becomes his most trusted friend and fellow hooligan; Roland's first love, Lady Marie of Baux; and his mentors Richard the Lionheart, Roland's young warrior uncle, whom he idolizes; Jacob, the Jewish doctor and Templar spy who’s ahead of his time medically; Mesnil, the brave and stoic Templar knight who holds many secrets from the highest religious powers; and Martin, the Templar sergeant who is sometimes wayward, is always ready for action, and holds more secrets than all the others.

Templar secrets abound, as few know that young Squire Roland is being groomed for bigger things than even he could ever envision! This unlikely hero travels a reluctant journey to the Holy Land along with the Templars on a path that is often rife with danger from enemies both known and unknown. Roland must call upon all his fighting skills, courtly manners, friendships, and family connections to keep him from harm's way and extract him from the lairs of his growing list of enemies.

Be there when Roland and his companions meet head-on with danger and adventure along his path to self-discovery and manhood on the road to Jerusalem. Squire Roland weaves his way along this unknown road, further complicated by a myriad of medieval life's challenges and the Templars’ 600 rules that oftentimes finishes in both humorous and disastrous results.

Roland’s reluctant journey to the Holy Land brings him to walk the very path that Jesus took in his journey to the cross. The young Templar squire's own inner journey causes him to come face-to-face with the stark reality of his fragile mortality and a gaze into his very soul. The outcome of Roland's inner conflicts and outward physical challenges will help forge a boy into manhood.

The squire from Champagne will never be the same after this journey. Let the journey begin.